Winter activities

winteractivity_iceskiIn addition to summer activities, you should experience Presque Isle during the winter months. Look for the impressive ice dunes, built by the combination of lake ice, wave surge and freezing spray. Take a walk along the beach, and you will likely see animal footprints in the snow. Winter is also a good time to spot the snowy owl.



This sport requires an ice boat, most of which come from the Erie Yacht Club. Fun to watch as they zoom around the bay.



The bay and the Waterworks ponds are ideal sites. The sport is dependent on the weather and ice conditions.



Rent skis at Shelter Two at Waterworks or bring your own. Trails are plentiful starting at Shelter Two.




You only need a pole, some bait, and an auger to drill a hole. Experienced ice fishermen usually bring a wind break or tent as well.



Many people enjoy the multipurpose trail, but there are miles of inland trails used by those who favor a true nature walk. Many park at the three “vista” areas on the right as you enter the park. However, there are additional places to park if you go further into the park, such as the Perry Monument area, Niagara Launch area or the East Pier area.



Wind skating involves ice skates and what looks like a big kite. Fun to watch and do, many wind skaters enjoy the speed and the rush.