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Do you like to write?            Never tried writing?    Or    Have you written a book already?


The 50 plus writer’s group is just nine months old and is the only writers group just for Senior writers.   If you are over 50 and have written or would like to try your hand at writing, come on down to TREC and join us in helping, learning and enjoying working with other over 50 people who just love writing.   Writing is perhaps one of the most interesting hobbies or vocations you can start at any age.


Over the last few years, I have found, after talking with many seniors, that there are many stories floating around in the minds of our over 50 populations.  Members of our group range from the complete novice to a couple published authors. We enjoy meeting twice a month to learn, critique and improve each other’s writing, and open the group’s minds to learning how to get published. Fairly new writers of our group have had their works published since the group formed just nine months ago.


The group has just a few goals:

  1. Get together twice a month.
  2. Have fun and meet other people with similar goals and interests.
  3. Learn the tricks of the trade of writing.
  4. Help each other improve our writing skills.
  5. Read the member’s writing, and give them support and ideas on how to improve it.
  6. Learn the steps to getting published.
  7. Find ways to get help with our writing.
  8. Support other writers within our group.


We meet on the first and third Wednesday evening in room 110 at The Tom Ridge Environmental Center.



Why not come out and join us!!


Anyone over age 50 is eligible to join us and begin to enjoy

sharing your ideas and personal stories and dreams with us.



If you have questions, just call me at 814 450 3850!!



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