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Fox Trail - - E Ware

Fox Trail – – E Ware


As I said before, wandering is going to the park to explore, paying close attention to the surroundings, looking up into the sun whenever you see a shadow pass across your path, looking for bird nests, mice nests and other signs of creature activity.    Walking is fine, and I do pure walking and bike riding on Presque Isle.   Yet to me, wandering makes my time on the park special.

Wandering involves unplanned walking with no defined destination.  You go wherever your mood and mind might take you.  It also involves standing still, sitting on a log or at one of Presque Isle’s old picnic tables and listening, observing and quite frankly just enjoying your surroundings.  For example, yesterday I was wandering down Ridge Trail just to see if the winter had changed any of my favorite spots.   It was still a bit crisp outside, which I quickly found out once I was in the shaded woodsy  areas.

Heron in Marina - - E. ware

Heron in Marina – – E. ware

As I walked down the central part of the trail, I heard some different birdsong ringing though the forest.   Hoping to discover who it was, I sat down on a damp log along the ridge hoping they would reveal themselves if I remained quiet.  Most of all however, I really hoped the early spring sun would drop below the oaks here and warm my back a bit.  As it turned out, what I heard was a pair of Tufted Titmouse exploring for a new home.

The best wanderers are the people who enjoy turning over rocks, digging in the leaves, and sitting for hour on end in the woods.  They have no schedule to follow.  They also just wander and watch, hear, or smell.   Not surprisingly, children are sometimes better at this than adults.   Children love to explore, and some, have you ever noticed, are slowpokes.   I have a grandson who has the nickname of “Pokey.”    So if you start to wander, some of your scheduled walking friends will dismiss your wandering as childlike.   I think that is great.  They do not know what they are missing.

We are lucky here in that Presque Isle is the perfect place to wander and explore.   There are so many sites on the park, that you will never run out of places to go, animals to see, plants to explore and they all change from day-to-day.   The storm action on the park can make areas of the park change almost hourly.    I have a friend who wanders the beaches looking for strange things that wash onto the shore.   He has also found that doing this has opened the whole new world of shorebirds to him.   He and his camera now are also involved in capturing artifacts washed up, shorebirds, and recent changes in the shoreline of the park.   He now has a whole new world that he can explore.

Dragonfly on Presque Isle - -Brian Berchtold

Dragonfly on Presque Isle – -Brian Berchtold

Wandering is a guaranteed way to relax, learn and enjoy yourself.    Ideas, after all, start with impressions on your senses, and learning comes from logical connections from observations and ideas.   Try wandering and you might see that walking with no destination or plan is a great way to enjoy yourself on Presque Isle.








About two weeks ago, the park was not green yet.   I was just out for a quiet morning and ran into this scene on the park.   WHERE AM I.       Send me your quess in the blog comment area  and you just might be surprised.



Where Am I?

Where Am I?


See you on the park!!


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