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Ten on a log - - E. ware

Ten on a log – – E. ware


At the public meeting held on March 21, 2013, Harry Leslie, Park Manager talk about the plans for 2013.   There are many exciting things planned on Presque Isle this year.  Here are a few that are know at this time’

  • Turtle Observation Platform – -Adding electrical service and final landscaping plus ADA parking places.  To be done spring & summer    $ 22,000   (Presque Isle Partnership.)
  • Park Manager Residence – – Exterior restoration – roofing, siding, windows and painting of garage.   $25,000    (DCNR)
  • Highway line painting – park roadways – -$11,000.    (PennDOT) .
  • TREC Outdoor Teaching Station – – Final landscaping and electrical service – Spring $ 80,000   (DCNR, AAUW, Erie Community Foundation)
  • Perry Monument Renovations – Lighting, pointing of stone, new pavilion – – to be completed by September.   $120,000-$140,000     (Presque Isle Partnership, with additional funding by CZM.)
  • Presque Isle Lighthouse Exterior Restoration – -Limestone foundation work, painting, fencing and stone pointing – -($35,000 – $100,000         (Presque Isle Partnership, Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority, Portia Norton Historic Structures Fund, plus other funding being sought through CZM)


Foggy Morning - - E. Ware

Foggy Morning – – E. Ware

In addition to the above, grants, donations and funding are in the planning stage for 2013 & 2014 involving the  the following:

  1. Cigarette Prevention Program – – $5,000 grant submitted.
  2. Boys and girls summer camp program in June – – $ 1,000. Sponsored by Presque Isle Partnership.
  3. Best Night of Summer Concert 2014 – – Presque Isle Partnership.   $100,000.

Presque Isle Lighthouse educational Program – – Funding has been applied for to enable the purchase of historic artifacts and related items.

  1. Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI)  – – Air Boat, gator, dredge attachments and other necessary equipment.  Fish and Boat Commission – $95,000.GLRI grant  – – $18,000.
  2. GLRI grant for interns, truck rental, supplies and materials for invasive species work.    Fish and Boat Commission  — $ 115,000

In addition, there are a number of other events, programs and developments to be added to the Presque Isle scheduled over the next few months.   As they become a fact rather than hope or dream, I will keep you all informed.

See you on the park!!


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