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Winter Light  --E. Ware

Winter Light –E. Ware

I am sitting here writing this on March 23, 2013.  Just for your information, there is some white stuff floating in the air, and its 31 degrees out.    There are four inches of some sort of white stuff covering my driveway.  What is wrong with this picture?   I wonder where can I find out how to join that Ohio prosecutor that has indicted Punxsutawney Phil?   Like Commodore Barclay against Commodore Oliver H. Perry in the battle of Lake Erie, I give up.  I am in the process of running up a white flag on the pole on my front porch.   Last year on this date, I was working on my boat and it was 70 degrees and the winter cover had been off the boat for two weeks.

Now you must understand, I do not hate winter.  Yet in the ranking of the four seasons, let’s just say it is nowhere near the top.   There are, of course, many reasons I do like winter which for me is fine only in December and January. (You’re right I admit that is a bit unrealistic for Erie)

In winter time, the air is cooler (No, in fact it’s downright cold) yet I have found that people don’t get agitated as easily when compared to hot, steamy and humid weather.  Yes, I have found that in December and January, during my winter season, generally people seem to be in a better mood.

Winterlight - -  E.ware

Winterlight – – E.ware

Love can be seen more during the winter season.   I see more hand-holding and hugging during this season.  Of course, maybe I am wrong. and all they are trying to do is get warm, and what better way than simply getting a bit more friendly.   I do love walking at Presque Isle in the winter when there are light and fluffy snowflakes falling and sticking to my coat and hat.   It feels fresh and cooling and can give you a slightly romantic aura.   For me, the real payoff to a winter’s walk is returning home to a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate or maybe a glass of wine to warm my body just a little.

Usually I love to walk on Presque Isle in the winter, yet I really did not do much of that this year.  Many factors played into this including a final rush to finish work on my newest book.  But truth be told, I really do not have very good or valid excuses for this.   When I did walk, it was not the early morning hikes I usually take, but mid-afternoon when I could squeeze it in.   Now that the book is in to the publisher, maybe I will begin to get back on my morning schedule, but only after this extended winter finally disappears.

There are, for sure, many reasons to love certain things about winter in Erie.  Maybe, it’s the skiing and ice skating.   Could it be the crunch?   You know what I mean.   It’s the sound that snow makes when it’s fluffy and fresh, yet sparkly with ice crystals, and you get to be the first one to walk on it.   Maybe for you, it’s the sharpness and freshness of the air.   It seems so clean and so crisp that you can see it when you breathe.   Someone once told me it feels like mint going in and turns to smoke going out.

  Walking on A-Trail - E. Ware

Walking on A-Trail – E. Ware

Like I said before, winter can be for hot chocolate which should always be made a bit too hot.  That will give you a valid excuse to float those tiny-teeny little marshmallows on top.  So, So, Good!  It will make you feel just wonderful.  Haven’t you tried it?   From what I hear from the weather forecasters, you still might have time to give it a try, and as my neighbor Dave says, “Add a touch of Gentlemen Jack to the mix and make it just a wee bit better.”

Yesterday I saw a Robin and a Red-wing Blackbird in a snow-covered tree.   I think I will try to find them today, so they can join me in Ohio’s suit against that crazy Groundhog call Phil.   Also as a sign that winter is overstaying its welcome this year is that the morning paper announced that Mason Farms and McDonalds postponed their Easter egg hunt until March 30, and the annual Beach Walk on Presque Isle until April 10 so the ice can clear the beach area.

Cold, frosty mornings, crispy crunchy snow and being the first to leave your footprints in it are wonderful signs of winter.  Seeing small children wrapped up in scarves and hats so well that you can hardly see their faces brings back memories of my children.  Making snowballs, snowmen and trying to ski on the trails of Presque Isle are all reasons to love winter.

Lagoons on Presque Isle - - E. Ware

Lagoons on Presque Isle – – E. Ware


But surely people, enough is enough.   This morning 22 packs of garden seeds arrived and believe it or not,  six packages of flower bulbs and six live flower plants were delivered yesterday.             I need spring to arrive for real not just on the calendar.  OKAY, OKAY, I give up; this is really enough with this winter weather.   As of today, I am going on a snow blower strike.   It shall not leave the garage for duty again this winter.




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