Winter’s arrival brings on memories of a beautiful fall

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Flaming Embers

Fall Sunrise- E. Ware

With a subtle quietness,
A single red leaf flutters to the ground.
September’s cool nights have begun to change my world.
Evenings now come sooner,
Get colder.
Autumn begins pushing its way onto the scene.
Nature speaks with a soft voice,
As the season’s first frost bites the air.

Within just days,
The forest will burst out in full color.
Leaves will fill the air like flaming embers.
Walking Presque Isle’s woodland paths,
Turning into a magical adventure.
In the veils of autumn,
White clouds flee across the sky on a background of blue.
Around every turn lies a vignette of stunning beauty.

This morning,
A fresh breeze kisses my face.
This frosty chill foretells of the coming fall.

Marina Lake Fall 2012 – – E. Ware

A nearby frost covered meadow twinkles like a sea of diamond chips.
Random alluring patches of late goldenrod,
Paint a unique masterpiece.
Stunning colors of Red and Gold set the pathways on fire.
Nature is holding a masquerade ball.

Looking like tiny ballerinas,
Leaves glide and sweep in small whirlwinds and updrafts.
They skip capriciously down the sodden path.
Colors cascade across the woodland like a string of falling dominoes.
As I walk,
I am relaxed,
Almost giddy as nature dances before me.
The whispers of winter will play upon my days.

Fall 2012 – – E. Ware

                 These are my fond memories of fall this year.

See you on the park!!


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