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Fall at Presque Isle Marina – – E. Ware

            Today we live in a crazy world.  Or so it seems to me.  Dailey weather reports from Los Angeles still warn of poor air quality, and no one seems to wince.  Off the coast of Norway an extremely rare White Humpback Whale leisurely cruses the coastline and the news media hardly notices.  Rockets fly in all directions in Gaza, and hundreds on both sides are hurt.  In Lisbon Portugal, citizens protesting austerity programs initiated by the government to stop the total destruction of the country’s economy force the subways to grind to a halt, and torch block after block of homes and stores.  Subways in New York City closed and flooded from Sandy.

            Meanwhile, the bank robbers have been having a field day here in Erie.  In New York City, the Red Cross spends $181,000 in an upscale Soho Hotel to lodge some of their volunteers.  Right here at home, the Port Authority is completing another completely unneeded $4 million parking lot near the Bayfront at a huge cost to the taxpayers.  Then this morning I read that Twinkies and Wonder Bread will soon disappear from the store shelves.  What is going on here?  This is a crazy world.

Reflections – Brian Berchtold

            Well, folks, my solution is to head out to Presque Isle.  It is 11 am, sunny, and a wonderfully refreshing 48 degrees.  I drive onto Presque Isle and I stop at the first bay parking lot to see if any of the Tundra Swans that visited us Wednesday may have stayed for a while.  My wife plus others say there were over 500 on the bay.  One of the park naturalists said it was as if it was snowing swan.  Today just five are in this particular area.    

            My next stop is the Leo’s Landing region.  Just a few ducks and a deer show themselves as I walk the dirt road.  On the bayside, I take some pictures of the remains of the old docks of Leo’s Boat Livery.  The water is so low at the present time that portions of this are now poking out of the sand where water was just a few months ago.  This area is usually under two or three feet of water.  As I stand there taking a few shots of the old docks, I hear movement behind me.  Turning toward the sound, I see a big buck deer walking across the marsh area that at one time was a marsh pond.  He disappears into the higher brush near The Feather.  This is the season for deer activity on the park.

Horseshoe Pond – – Friday – E. Ware


Niagara Boat launch area is next and I find all is very quiet here.  Yes, and isn’t that a wonderful thing.  Leaving my car there, I walk out to the Waterworks area.  Slowly I walk down the Ferry Boat landing.  Strangely, there are no fishermen here this morning.  I bet Walnut and Elk Creeks are overflowing with Steelhead anglers.  As I near the end of the concrete piers, I think to myself that the anglers at the creeks may have made a mistake.  About three feet out into the bay, roughly five steelhead are swimming and flopping around near the surface.

Wow, I can run back and get my pole out of the car.  Oops, the pole is in the garage.  I took it out of the cat when I went to Baltimore on Monday.  Well, so much for my trophy Steelhead!  Time to move on.  As I walk back to the car, I make sure I keep my eyes open to see if I can spot any of the foxes that seem to love this general area.  No luck today.  

While out on the park, I also visited the Marina, North Pier and Horseshoe Pond.  Parking at the eastern end at of the Pine Tree Trail, at the foundation of the old Fog Whistle, I take about an hour and slowly walk down and back the whole trail.  The region is just loaded with birds.  I see one hawk near the western end of the trail, and he has a small rodent in his talons as he glides by.  I see two more deer and a raccoon in the thicket that lines the southern side of the trail.  After I return to my car, I make a stop at the lighthouse and take a few pictures.  They most likely will not be that good, as the light and air are not really quite right and do have that special warm glow that I prefer in lighthouse pictures.  

Duck Blind on Thompson Bay – – E. War


Time to head home and start a batch of Asian chicken noodle soup.  I really needed this outing on Presque Isle.  Sometimes I wish I could just ignore the problems of this crazy world.  However, that is not reasonable or possible.  Therefore, I just adjourn to “My Place for All Seasons”.



See you on the park!!


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