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Joe holding court on the dock

                It’s Sunday, and what a fall day!  71 degrees and sunny, and is it really mid-November in Erie?  On days like today I wonder why the boat is put away for the season.   I am sure Mother Nature will remind me quite soon that I was right wrapping it for the year. Knowing Erie, I am sure we will pay for this.

Original North Pier Light – -E. Ware Book – Presque Isle State Park

I worked in the yard using my chipper-shredder to take care of bush trimmings and leaves while my wife trimmed and cleaned up our native plants.  When done, I looked online and Ron N. had sent me a comment on the blog asking how I was coming on my newest book, which is “A History of Presque Isle and Early Erie”, in which I meet with Joe Root and talk to him about Presque Isle.

Well, Ron, it is definitely getting there.  I have planned the book to be about 100,000 words, and 80,000 are complete.   My goal is to be done writing by December 15th and the editing complete by January 15th.    Right now I am finishing the writing and research.  I am at about the late 1800s in the history, and have the roads on the park, Waterworks Park and the holding ponds and about five or six other topics yet to cover.  I have not quite made up my mind exactly where in the history to end the book.  Most likely it will be in the 1950s.

Ron, in answer to your question about where I get my information, the answer is all over the place.  The Historical Society is one good source, another is the library, and I also have books on the subjects.  Some of the information comes from talking to people who have gone out to Presque Isle for years or have family who have unique stories about the park.  Some of my information I have been able to obtain through the Tom Ridge Environmental Center files.

I am at the point in the writing where I am looking for any and all NEW INFORMATION from anyone who might have something available.  Because the rest of the book takes place mainly in 1900 -1950, I am sure some of my readers may have information, photos, stories and maybe even tall tales that might be interesting to include in the book.   Any information or possibly family stories about experiences with Joe Root would also be wonderful additions to the book. 

As I sit on my back patio in the bight sun, I know that when Erie’s normal winter season shows up I will have a lot of indoor time to finish the book right on schedule.  In the meantime, I will keep everyone posted on the progress I am making.  As soon as I know when the book finally will be available, I will let everyone know.  My current plans are to try to have the book out in both e-book and printed form by May 1 of 2013, and maybe with any luck, a little sooner.

If there is something you would like to see in the book, let me know.  My e-mail is

See you on the park!!


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