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I have found that what I call bolts out of the blue have affected my life many times, and they seem to have just popped right out of nowhere. They also appear to happen when I least expect them. For me, they usually burst upon me when I am involving something in a purely nonintellectual pursuit on Presque Isle. This could be walking, fishing, or just doing a whole lot of people watching. (A favorite hobby of mine)
The concept of this blog came as a result of a bolt brought on by my lazy afternoon foray on Presque Isle to see if I could get a decent deer picture. (Everyone thought I was at the office, and my office staff thought I was at a meeting. I know. I know. You could get fired for doing that. Well, not when you own the business) While near the Marina Lake, I met an older couple who were new to Erie, I immediately went into my Presque Isle pitch. They ask if anyone did a blog on Presque Isle. My answer was no. They had a two-word comment, “Why not?’ They were right, Why not?

You have surely faced the event I call a bolt out of the blue. Simply put, it is an unexpected vision or creativity impulse coming out of nowhere. Bolts out of the blue are little gifts fate doles out. They do not come that often, but many times, they are well worth the wait.

For example, last summer on a quiet Sunday afternoon while I was on Presque Isle at the East Pier, an artist was busy painting sailboats coming out of Marina Lake. I asked him where he got the idea to do this particular scene. He said that while on a bike ride in the area on Tuesday, the idea of sailboats rounding the corner here and turning into the Presque Isle Bay just jumped into his mind. He said he usually painted woody scenes or flowers, but suddenly he realized a water scene here with sailboats as the main theme would be his perfect next painting.

I asked him if there were any boats around at the time. His answer was yes, but only in his mind. He could perceive how the boats might look, yet he knew that in all likelihood he would need to be here on a weekend to see what the scene actually looked like.

Bolts out of the blue tend to be fleeting. You actually need to write your bolt down or record it as soon as you can. If you cannot, for some reason, do that, at least stop whatever you are doing and focus on the idea until you are sure you will remember it. My wife thinks I should actively pursue a bolt out of the blue regarding getting the weeds out of our garden. I don’t get the idea that Nancy totally understands the concept of a bolt out of the blue or maybe its my idea about weeds, I didn’t plant them, hence I should not have to pick them.

Presque Isle, because most activities are fun, relaxing and allow your mind, the freedom to emerge from its shell, is a perfect place to allow your inner ego to run free and let ideas, and just fun stuff rules your mind. I think local spiritual writer and lecturer Joan Chittister said it best when she wrote.” Let life in and you will find more and more of yourself coming alive.”

In a way, I think by allowing yourself the freedom to think about nothing, you are “sharping your saw” and allowing that bolt to flash into your mind. For me, the free moments away from business, problems or other interfering factors translate into trips to Presque Isle. Consider trying it and if you do stop me and say HI.


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