Walk 8 – Gull Point Walk

This walk bisects Gull Point along a sand plain between and around ponds, ridges, dunes, and swales formed over the last fifty or more years by the wave action of Lake Erie. Much of the trail is on new land created by the lake since the 1960’s. One part of the trail takes walkers to a picturesque isolated finger of water at the back edge of Thompson Bay. The plant and bird life on this walk are unusual and diverse. Some of the beach and dune plants prospering here are not found anywhere else in Pennsylvania. The walk is open, with limited tree cover along much of the trail. Three things are important to remember on this walk: take water to drink, use insect repellent, and wear a hat.


This walk starts at the Beach #10 parking lot in front of the informationĀ KioskĀ at the northeast end. Enter Gull Point Trail, which is clearly marked, and follow it to its end at the Thompson Bay area and Lake Erie. Turn around, and retrace your path back to your car.

Special Features:

  1. Diverse bird life
  2. Observation platform
  3. Shoreline exploration
  4. Photographer’s and artist’s heaven
  5. Gull Point Natural Area (a closed bird sanctuary)


3.5 miles

Type Walk:

Loop with out and back section

Approximate time:

1.75 hour walk / Ecotour: 3 hours


Moderate to difficult (deep sand trails)

Surface conditions:

Soft, deep sand and grass