Walk 7 – Sunset Point, Pine Tree Trail, and Beach 10 Loop

This is a very short and easy walk taking you through one of the park’s few pine tree covered areas. The beginning is at Sunset Point. Sometimes, this area is called “kite beach,” because during summer weekends this beach is filled with bright kites. The color and fun offered on a Saturday or Sunday here is well worth a special trip. Pine Tree Trail is sandy and grass covered. It is wide and easy to walk. Turkeys are plentiful in this area, as are deer.


This walk starts at the parking area for Sunset Point and follows the Karl Boyes Multi-Purpose Trail west for a short distance to the entry point of the Pine Tree Trail. Cross the road and turn left onto this pathway. Follow Pine Tree Trail its whole length to where it rejoins the Multi-Purpose Trail at the 7.4-mile marker. Turn left onto the trail, and stay on it all the way back to your car at Sunset Point.

Special Features:

  1. Pine Forest
  2. Birding
  3. Shoreline exploration
  4. Bird and butterfly migration



Type Walk:


Approximate time:

45 minutes



Surface conditions:

Deep sand, grass, and the Multi-Purpose Trail