Walk 6 – Old Gas Well and Duck Pond Loop

This is a walk with many variations and is 2.45 miles long, but can easily be shortened to 1.75 miles by not walking the out and back portions. The walk is rough in a few areas, so good shoes are necessary. Much awaits the walker here- solitude, active snags, turkeys, a view of Presque Isle Marina Lake and a bit of history. At your choice, you can even end your trip with a ¾ mile walk in the sand of the Lake Erie beaches. A special note is that in late summer you will need a Deet containing insect repellent because the mosquitoes and deer flies are prevalent at this time and can be nasty.


This walk begins at the southwest corner of the Rotary Pavilion parking lot. The Old Gas Well Trail goes through the woods as it crosses Marina Road and both lanes of the main road. Follow the trial to its end. Turn around and walk back to the entrance of Duck Pond Trail. This entrance may be hidden at times during the year. Follow this trail to where it is intersected by the Canoe Portage Trail, and follow it to the banks of Marina Lake. Retrace your steps back to Duck Pond Trail, and turn right onto it. Continue to its end at the Karl Boyes Multi-Purpose Trail, at the 3.6-mile marker. Turn left onto the Multi-Purpose Trail, and walk back to where it meets the Old Gas Well Trail. Turn right, cross the road, and follow the trail back to your car.

Special Features:

  1. Active gas well
  2. Fishing
  3. Birding
  4. Butterfly watching
  5. Shoreline exploration
  6. Wetlands and old-growth forest


2.45 miles

Type Walk:

Combination (loop, out and back)

Approximate time:

1.5 hours/ Ecotour- 2.5 hours



Surface conditions:

Crosses roadway, rough terrain and tree roots