Walk 5 – Long Pond Trail

This walk uses a small part of the Multi-Purpose Trail before it moves inland along Long Pond. It features a few great fishing areas, so if you are interested, take a casting rod and reel.


This walk begins at the East Pier parking lot. Cross the main road to the Karl Boyes Multi-Purpose Trail at the 4.7-mile marker. Turn right and follow this walkway to the entrance to Long Pond Trail, 3/10 of a mile to the east. Turn left onto Long Pond Trail and follow it for its entire length. This path will rejoin the Multi-Purpose Trail at the 4.6-mile point. Turn left, and return to your car, just 1/10 of a mile down the walkway.

Special Features:

  1. Fishing areas
  2. Photographic vistas
  3. Places to relax
  4. Old-growth climax forest
  5. Handicapped accessible fishing pier


1.2 miles

Type Walk:


Approximate time:

50 minutes/ Ecotour: 1.5 hour



Surface conditions:

Part paved, part grass and rutted ground