Walk 3 – Cranberry Loop

This walk uses portions of four of Presque Isle’s interior trails.  They are: 1. Sidewalk Trail  2. Marsh Trail  3. Ridge Trail  4. Fox Trail.  By using all or portions of these four trails, the walk becomes a closed loop.  While the walk can be done in forty-five minutes, many walkers find that it will become an hour or more jaunt.  I suggest that you take your time and enjoy observing nature on this walk.  Wildlife is plentiful in this part of Presque Isle.  Along the way, you will see evidence of coyotes, an active beaver lodge, and if you are quiet, you might catch a glimpse of wild turkeys.  Plant life is varied and plentiful.


This walk begins at the Presque Isle Lighthouse and Sidewalk Trail parking lot.  Follow the Sidewalk Trail a short distance to the juncture of three other trails.  Turn right onto Marsh Trail, and follow it to its end where it meets Ridge Trail.  Turn right onto Ridge Trail and walk to its end on the Presque Isle State Park Maintenance Road.  Walk to your right on this road until you come to the entrance of Fox Trail and turn right again.  This pathway weaves its way back to the junction you encountered on the Sidewalk Trail.  Turn left and return to your car.

Special Features

  1. Interior marshlands
  2. Beaver marsh
  3. Possible wildlife experiences
  4. Woodland beauty
  5. Oak and maple forest (great in fall)


1.7 miles

Type walk:


Approximate time:

45 minutes/ Ecotour 1.25 hours



Surface conditions:

Grass, dirt, and uneven trails


Waterproof footwear recommended in wet seasons.  Guidebook useful.