Walk 2 – Swan Cove and Waterworks Loop

This is a bay side and interior Multi-Purpose Trail walk. It is a closed loop and uses the Karl Boyes Multi-Purpose National Recreational Trail and the Waterworks walk bisecting the Waterworks Park area from the Ferryboat Landing to the beach road and the outbound section of the Multi-Purpose Trail. On this walk, there are many interesting attractions along the way luring you into straying off on side trips to explore, play, or relax.


This walk starts at the Swan Cove Parking Lot and travels east, to the left, down the Karl Boyes Multi-Purpose Trail from the 2.1 mile marker. Stay on this trail to the 2.8 mile marker at Waterworks Park. Turn left onto the wide sidewalk that bisects the park. Walk the entire length of this sidewalk. It ends at the Lake Road. This is the return portion of the Multi-Purpose Trail, and you will join it at the 10.5-mile marker. At this point, it intersects with the main road and Multi-Purpose Trail crossover. Turn left and cross the road. Again, turn left, and return to your car, just fifty yards away.

Special Features:

  1. City view
  2. Picnic grounds
  3. Children’s playground
  4. Ferryboat landing
  5. Simulated scenic lighthouse
  6. Cookhouse
  7. Sand volleyball courts
  8. Handicapped beach ramp
  9. Fishing pier
  10. Waterworks ponds
  11. Historical buildings
  12. Lily Pond
  13. Rustic cabins


2.2 miles

Type Walk:


Approximate time:

45 minutes



Surface conditions:

Paved surface