Walk 19 – Long Pond Bridge and Fox Trail Loop

This short and easy walk weaves its way through beautifully wooded sections of Presque Isle State Park. About 40% of the walk is on woodland trails with a few sand dune hills and surface tree roots. The rest of the walk is on paved sections of the Karl Boyes Multi-Purpose Trail.


This walk begins at the small bridge spanning the western end of Long Pond, and follows the Multi-Purpose Trail about one hundred yards back in the direction you came from to an intersection in the trail. Turn right onto this paved branch, and walk twenty yards to the entrance of Fox Trail on your left. Follow this short section of the Fox Trail until it rejoins the Multi-Purpose Trail at the Presque Isle maintenance road. Turn right, following the curve in the trail back to your car.

Special Features:

  1. Birding
  2. Oak/maple forest


.8 miles

Type Walk:


Approximate time:

45 minutes



Surface conditions:

Concrete path plus rough and grassy woodland