Walk 18 – Sidewalk Trail and Lighthouse Beach Loop

This walk is mostly on sand and rough grass and uses the following trails: Sidewalk Trail, Marsh Trail, and Fox Trail. In addition, the walk meanders through an unofficial wooded trail ending at the back edge of Presque Isle State Park’s maintenance area. It ends with a beach walk to the Presque Isle Lighthouse and the surrounding area. On this walk, you will experience the diverse nature of the park and might get the opportunity to view the wildlife.


This walk starts at the Sidewalk Trail parking area and follows the trail about 1/10 of a mile to the junction with Marsh Trail, Fox Trail, and Dead Pond Trail. Turn right onto the Marsh Trail, and follow it to the end, where it joins the Ridge Trail. Keep going straight up the small dune hill onto an unofficial trail. Do not take the larger path, which goes off to your left; stay on the path that goes straight ahead. This path will take you to the back corner of the park’s maintenance area. At the maintenance area, turn right and follow the road for about 2/10 of a mile to the main road. You should then cross the road, walk up the sand dunes onto the beach, and turn right. Walk along the beach for about 2/10 of a mile to the Presque Isle Lighthouse. Continue a short distance past the lighthouse and go between two clumps of trees, turn right, and walk across the wide beach back to your car.

Special Features:

  1. Interior marshlands
  2. Climax forest
  3. Possible wildlife experiences
  4. Beaver lodge
  5. Presque Isle Lighthouse


1.6 miles

Type Walk:


Approximate time:

1 hour/ Ecotour: 1.75 hours


Moderate to easy

Surface conditions:

Some paved surface, mainly sand and grass