Walk 14 – Niagara Boat Launch, Lagoon, and Long Boat Pond

This walk highlights the diverse qualities of Presque Isle State Park. From recreation to deep woods experiences, this walk underscores the variety of interests and subjects bringing visitors to the park year after year. It is long but moderate, and uses the Karl Boyes Multi-Purpose Trail and a wooded and grassy trail called Long Pond Trail. Long Pond Trail is the subject of Walk #5, and in this walk, it is part of a loop taking the walker to the East Marina Pier. There are many interesting vistas, attractions, and wildflowers, which may lure the walker into straying off on short side trips to explore and photograph the scenery.


Begin this walk by entering the Multi-Purpose Trail at the 2.7-mile marker near the Niagara Boat Launch Ramp. Turn right (east) on the trail, and follow it for roughly two miles to the 4.6-mile marker. Turn left onto Long Pond Trail, which is clearly marked. Follow this path until it returns to the Multi-Purpose Trail at the 5-mile marker. Turn right onto this paved trail, retracing your path back to your car, about 2.3 miles down the walkway.

Special Features:

  1. Picnic grounds
  2. Ferryboat landing
  3. City views
  4. Handicapped accessible fishing pier
  5. Photographic vistas
  6. Old climax forest
  7. Wildlife


5.4 miles

Type Walk:

Loop plus out and back

Approximate time:

1.75 hours / Ecotour: 3 hours



Surface conditions:

Multi-Purpose Trail with some rough ground and grass