Walk 13 – Stull Center Beach Walk

This is a slightly more difficult walk because much of it is on soft deep sand amid a rough and rutted landscape. However, it is a fascinating trek for those interested in natural and out-of-the-way beach areas. Hikers will find beach glass, driftwood, and picturesque beach scenes on this walk.


This walk begins at the Vista #3 parking lot across the main road from the Stull Center. Cross the road, and walk to the beach. Turn right, and walk the shoreline for about 8/10 of a mile where the walk comes close to the Old Lake Road. Today that road is part of the Karl Boyes Multi-Purpose Trail. Move to the trail, and turn left and follow it for 1/10 of a mile to the main road. Cross the road, and turn right on the Multi-Purpose Trail at the 2.0-mile marker. Follow this walkway back to your car.

Special Features:

  1. Sunset vista
  2. Bird watching
  3. “The Feather” viewing platform
  4. Beach environment
  5. Wildflowers


1.8 miles

Type Walk:


Approximate time:

1.25 hours / Ecotour: 2 hours



Surface conditions:

Soft deep sand and paved trails