Walk 12 – Sidewalk Trail

This is an easy, straight walk on an old concrete path. It runs between two bodies of water and is rich in bird life, waterfowl, and small animals. This walk has much to offer to the potential or experienced nature lover. This is a walk which Urban Naturalists (Urnats) will enjoy. At many points along the route, it will seem you are miles into a deep wilderness. This walk is the most popular on the park.


Park in the Sidewalk Trail or Presque Isle Lighthouse parking area, and walk the length of the trail out and back. The sidewalk ends at the main road on the other side of the park by Misery Bay and is 1.25 miles long. There are three side pathways off the main route; these can be taken to view inland ponds. All these are found to the west of the trail at various points past the .75 mile mark in the walk.

Special Features:

  1. Birding
  2. Wildlife
  3. Ponds
  4. Oak/maple forest (great in fall)


2.6 miles

Type Walk:

Out and back

Approximate time:

1.5 hours / 2.5 with side trips


Easy (main walk) / Moderate (side trips)

Surface conditions:

Concrete path with a few rough areas