Walk 10 – North Pier and Houseboats

This walk is along Thompson Bay and the Lake Erie shoreline on rough and deep sand. In the spring, the beach in this area is littered with driftwood thrown ashore by winter’s storms. In the summer, the waters offshore are filled with hundreds of anchored pleasure boats, mainly on Saturdays and Sundays. When the walk turns inland, it travels along Horseshoe Pond, which is the year-round home for twenty-four houseboats.


This walk begins at the parking lot along North Pier and moves to the left along the beach running from the pier to Beach #11. You reach this beach by following the truck road beside the rest room at North Pier, and turning right onto a small path leading to the beach. When you reach the Beach #11 area, turn left, walk to the beach road, and turn left again. Follow this road past Horseshoe Pond to the parking lot at North Pier and your car.

Special Features:

  1. North Pier
  2. Houseboats
  3. Bird watching


1.8 miles

Type Walk:


Approximate time:

1.25 hours / Ecotour: 3 hours


Moderate to easy

Surface conditions:

Rough ground and deep sand